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Started by: maureen rutter nee green (39) Report abuse

There will be a demonstration outside Wigan Hospital this Saturday morning please see below and spread the word.
Demonstration in support of our Hospital Saturday 13th Jan 2018
10.00am - 11.00am

All welcome, please bring your posters, placards and banners.

The NHS will survive as long as there are people with the faith to protect, defend and fight for it, we are those people.

Andy Birchall

Posted by: wigvet (3348) Report abuse
Demonstration against what?

Those that turn up at A&E without need/Health tourists?

Demonstration Ďoutside the hospitalí Ö.yes lets be a few hundred strong and clog up the area to delay the emergency services

Sorry I realise there is a massive problem but a protest outside a hospital?

Posted by: 0 years (3101) Report abuse
completely agree wigvet.

Pointless idea.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2930) Report abuse
And yoo what will be on most of the placards .....

" It's Wigan Councils Fault "

Posted by: gaffer (6017)   Report abuse
My mother passed away in Wigan Infirmary yesterday.
The care and attention she received from the doctors and nurses was exemplary and a credit to the profession. At the time they were exceptionally busy.

Posted by: Anne (3389)  Report abuse
Sorry to hear of your loss. A time when their professional expertise can be truly appreciated.

Posted by: broady (13942)   Report abuse
Sorry to hear that Gaffer. May she R.I.P.

Posted by: paul (3012)  Report abuse
Very sorry to hear of your loss gaffer, may she rest in peace, but a demonstration outside a hospital!!
Wonder if this mon/lass will turn up: A health tourist has racked up Britain's biggest ever unpaid NHS bill after leaving a hospital with a debt of more than £530,000. The unnamed patient, who is from outside the EU, received treatment from a Manchester hospital last year. Hospital bosses have cited 'patient confidentiality' and have not revealed which country they are from, their age or gender.
It comes as health tourism continues to cost the NHS around £2billion a year after doctors up and down the country provide treatment for non-EU residents!

Posted by: berylh (1702) Report abuse
Gaffer sorry to hear of the loss of you mother, such a sad time, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
Gaffer...so sorry...rip mrs gaffer senior

Posted by: bassman (3591) Report abuse
So sorry Gaffer....RIP your Mum.

Posted by: maureen rutter nee green (39) Report abuse

Rachel Thompson has put this post on Facebook which she has given me permission to share here on Wigan World.
Iíve a simple question. If any of you or your loved ones were to, god forbid, become seriously ill tonight what would you do? Itís simple isnít it, you would pick up a phone and call an ambulance and get to hospital quickly. What a luxury that is. Imagine having to think first if you could actually afford it or mess about in a time of crisis checking your insurance, insurance that you may have fell behind with cause it was a choice between a school trip or another bill that week. Well that could become the reality if you donít stand up and fight for your NHS now! Donít wait till you have to call an ambulance to go there, the time may come when you donít have the option.. Do it now, find a local peaceful protest like the one this Saturday 13th outside Wigan Infirmary or Chorley Hospital ten til 11 am and attend it to fight for it whilst you still have the choice.

Posted by: baker boy (14070) Report abuse
What nonsensethe nhs as been short of cash since it's inception.
Blairs. open door policy,illegal immigration and a rapidly ageing population have strained it's capabilities.
That and stupid folk clogging a. And e with minor ailments most certainly don't help,if you want to help leave it some cash in your will.

Posted by: paul (3012)  Report abuse
Best comment and common sense statement yet, talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3039)  Report abuse
Golden Bear:
I would just wish to send my sincerest condolences to you Gaffer, and all your Family.



Posted by: broady (13942)   Report abuse
44000 missed medical appointments in the Wigan area alone according to figures released today. Wonder what the UK as a whole is. First suggestion. Charge all those without legitimate reason. Put GB or similar in charge of deciding not some mard ar** civil servant with same ideals as most judges seem to have.

Posted by: elizabeth (5435)  Report abuse
DO NOT ALWAYS BLAME THE PATIENTS I THINK A LOT IS NOT THERE FAULD AS DOCTORS JUST SEEM TO PASS THE BUCK, TO MY MIND YOU GO TO YOUR LOCAL GP AND IMMED; they pass youon so therefor you clog up the hospitals with what used tp be dealt with by your local G P, all right i know g p say we havent the time but surely it would be better taking a few mins longer and treat it there and then, you go to the DOCS sit down and on goes the clock ,one finger on the computer and out you go with the slip of paper to see them at the hospital.even a retired doctor i met in waiting room said he remembers when he would by called out on a freezing night and would just vbbe getting back in to bed when the [hone would ring again and up he would have to get, god rest him he was a smashing doctor, well thats what i think

Posted by: 0 years (3101) Report abuse
I agree Elizabeth, the problem is that GP's these days are frightened to death of making a wrong decision, and who can blame them?

The money grabbing parasites in the compensation culture, weather it be PPI, RTC's or Medical Negligence (those that are unwarranted claims I must add) have forced the doctor to refer to specialists and further tests in many cases which do not warrant it. As a result the hospitals are clogged with appointments which, in many cases, are not necessary and in a lot of cases, like broady has highlighted, the patients can't be a*sed turning up.

We have a magnificent NHS and if only the we could find a way for the malingerers and time wasters to be kept well clear it would be even better!

Posted by: laughing gravy (3992) Report abuse
ALSO 0years you have the government telling doctors not to give out sick notes thats all very well but what about folk who genuinley need one?

Posted by: broady (13942)   Report abuse
The whole thesis of the NHS requires an independent commission. At the moment there is too much politics involved. They spent, we spent, she said, he said comments by politicians is wasteful. In 1950 there were almost 50 million in the UK and now north of 60 million. People live much longer now. Almost all of the patients spoke the Mother tongue. Heart, lung, liver replacements were in story books. Now they are commonplace. AIDís was not around. The recovery rates from lots of cancers are much greater, gastric bypasses werenít around. Drink and drugs didnít seem to be the problem they are now. All this being a man one week and a woman the following week was mere poppycock. I could go on and on citing procedures and extra costs to the NHS but yet the excessive numbers of well paid executives that currently run the NHS donít appear to have grasped the nettle and reformed the set up.

Posted by: admin (457) Report abuse
I would like to know which hospital Teresa May, and her cronies from ALL the political parties, would go to, if they needed to ring an ambulance in an emergency You can bet they wouldn't be waiting on a gurney for 10 hours in A&E.

Posted by: PeterP (6766) Report abuse
For the politician it would be a private ambulance taking them to a private hospital

Posted by: Anne (3389)  Report abuse
Private hospitals don't have a&e departments. They would be taken by an emergency ambulance to an NHS hospital .

Posted by: tuddy (957) Report abuse
The lack of funding for the N.H.S. can be reversed by passing one new law: "No members of parliament or any member of their families are allowed access to private medical treatment. The only medical treatment that they are allowed to use must be provided by the N.H.S". If they had to rely on the N.H.S. for themselves and their families they'd fund it.

Posted by: broady (13942)   Report abuse
Successive governments throw monies but the system isnít fit for purpose. Itís like keep spending time after time repairing an old car. Lots of people besides MPís get private medical treatment.

Posted by: whups (3115)  Report abuse
no one says where this money is going . could it be to these managers who have been put in by this government & also the contracts going to 70% of the private sector . virgin medical has just sued the NHS for not getting a contract ,which will come out of the nhs funding ? .

Posted by: broady (13942)   Report abuse
If you take time to read I say it is time to stop playing politics with the NHS. A large %age of the debt was incurred by Labour with their "reliance on PFI" Would the private sector not get rid of some of the management levels everyone complains about?? Private doesn't mean you pay!! You always seem to jump in and blame this government. Do a bit of research on Mid Staffs.

Posted by: Anne (3389)  Report abuse
Some things are not funded by the NHS, take teeth implants for example. When I had mine done a few years ago I paid out of my own pocket, not even insurance would cover my treatment.

Posted by: whups (3115)  Report abuse
you mean like hinchenbrook hospital that was given to the private company circle who after 3 months dumped patients & staff saying they could,nt make any profit on them ?.that was a tory government who dished out that contract ? .

Posted by: gaffer (6017)   Report abuse
The contract to offer the running of Hitchingbrooke hospital to the private sector was drawn up in March 2010.
The Health Secretary then was Andy Burnham.
Circle declined to continue the contract because the number of A and E attendances was far in excess of the number stipulated in the contract.
Like any other contract if you agree to do x for y and x changes then you are entitled to be paid for the difference or you cancel the contract.

Posted by: whups (3115)  Report abuse
so it was a good thing then gaffer.

Posted by: gaffer (6017)   Report abuse

At the time Hitchingbrooke was a financial basket case under the threat of closure.
The Circle contract obliged them to make £300 million in savings, over the ten year life of the contract, before they earned the franchise fee.
Since then Hitchingbrooke hospital has been merged with another hospital but it's future is still uncertain.
In my view the Circle solution was a groundbreaking attempt to save a local hospital from closure.
The piece below from the Guardian penned by a former Labour MP highlights were the blame lies.



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