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Wigan council meetings
Started by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
If you ever get the chance to attend one, please do.

You will come away shaking your head in disbelief.

The councilors are guided to their decisions by council employees. These employees are experts at being economical with the truth.

The councilors are so THICK, they take every word as gospel.

If they do question one of them. Paul Prescott steps in and says "Next Question" Is he a clone of Smithy?

On Tuesday the council showed a picture of Rose Hill.It had one car on the hill.

Has anyone ever seen Rose hill with only one car on it.

Talk about air brushing a picture.

Still they will get voted in again

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2786) Report abuse
"New homes approved for strategic site in Wigan (Bryn)"


Posted by: Stardelta (6383) Report abuse
"Hair brushing a picture" FP?

Tell us more

Posted by: laughing gravy (3850) Report abuse
bwhahhahaha the FORUM FOOLS made a fool of himsel once again HAIR BRUSHING

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
Nothing to contribute, KD?

Posted by: laughing gravy (3850) Report abuse
i would no know what to say as i've never been to a council meeting btw have you anything to contribute??? perhaps you could start by explaining pistorius's innocence

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
Yes, I have been to a council meeting, and from my experience, it seemed as though they hadn't turned the mic's on when discussing planning issues, as you couldn't really hear the council lot talking.

Posted by: nyce horse (3388) Report abuse
What's happened to burnham's objections to building on the green belt? all forgotten now he's been elected? Another lying hound.

Posted by: nyce horse (3388) Report abuse
Did the prescotts not do their usual "good cop bad cop routine" to show how impartial and fair they were? So the 'rec is being protected, bit ironic seeing that it belongs to latics ladies, did uncle dave have a word?
Once again residents views being ignored.


Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
Are you suggesting that money helps to sway decisions? Surely not!

Posted by: nyce horse (3388) Report abuse
I bet all the labour ward councillors were spouting crocodile tears and saying how hard they fought to prevent it. I can't believe the people of Bryn letting this go ahead, I think the clowncil will be up against stiffer opposition when it comes to "The Bell", just imagine the prescotts losing their seats.


Posted by: peter g (2027)  Report abuse
Wigan Council Meetings otherwise known as The Bob Brierly Roadshow. Who pays this guy?

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
Bridger that is what they tried the other day.

We had to tell P. Prescott to turn the up/on.

Hellier was the good/bad cop at the meeting.

He was a real Snake in the Grass.

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
Once again the Ladyboy(LG)has nothing constructive to say.

Hope you are shaking hands often with you Ladyboy.


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