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Pound shops
Started by: ann-spam (3282)  Report abuse
They was ok a few years ago prices increasing on some products .

Posted by: billy (26028)  Report abuse
that's fer sure.

Posted by: jathbee (9076) Report abuse
They are slowly introducing all kinds of goods that cost a lot more than the ubiquitous 1 coin.

Posted by: tonker (19522)   Report abuse
Why are they called 'Pound Shops', when most of their goods are less than a pound each?

Posted by: jathbee (9076) Report abuse
I wouldn't say most but quite a lot.

Posted by: jarvo (28593)  Report abuse
...Tight buggers.

A three-way Gang for a quid?

What's up wi thi all?

Posted by: ann-spam (3282)  Report abuse
john you keep to your marks and spencers times are hard .

Posted by: Anne (3341)  Report abuse
I could never understand why people try to swank about M&S shopping. What is it that gives so much kudos?

Posted by: momac (9150)  Report abuse
Anne,I've never understood that..I never go there,but wanting some shoes
and shoe shops being very rare in Wigan now,I tried M&S..all their shoes
we're made in China plus they were rubbish.I also someone I know loves to
go and stand in the doorway just to be seen..and once saw her in a cheap
shop that used to be in Standishgate..she saw me coming and hid behind
a pillar..I could have laughed my socks off..so shallow.

Posted by: John59 (412)  Report abuse
they're not 'costs a pound' shops nor 'everything under a pound' shops etc .... 'Pound shop' signifying what everyone knows it signifies.
what would you preferthem to be called Tonker ?

true that they won't always be able to keep the name - either they'll have to evolve to 1.50 land or 2-land's , but it just doesn't have the save ring does it.

what about 'Quid-ish' ... .they'd probably get that bird Rowling on their case asking for her split of the profits though !!!!

Posted by: tonker (19522)   Report abuse
How about "Cheap Shops" because that's what they are.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2786) Report abuse
How about 'Crap Shops'

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2786) Report abuse
Or 'Awful Emporiums'

Posted by: irene (2847)  Report abuse
Marks and Spencers used to stock better quality clothing when I was young than it does now. Its brand name on the labels was "St. Michael" then and really was good quality.

Posted by: spiderwoman (856) Report abuse
Why are there so many pound shops in Wigan? We need more good clothes and shoe shops, restaurants not these kind of shops.

Posted by: momac (9150)  Report abuse
We used to have really good shoe shops,but now they're few and far
between..I had to get my boots from 'The Paddock'. at MossyLea..there's
nothing in Wigan.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2786) Report abuse
What about Wynsors, they sell shoo's

Posted by: broady (13699)   Report abuse
Momac, Do you shop for leather shoes or are they synthetic??

Posted by: momac (9150)  Report abuse
Broady,I can only wear leather.

Posted by: tonker (19522)   Report abuse
L for Leather!

Posted by: PeterP (6593) Report abuse
Momac have you tried Mcnulty's Shoe shop down Library Street.

Posted by: momac (9150)  Report abuse
Peter,I did look in there but at the time they didn't have what I wanted..but
will be paying them another visit soon,I need some for my Sons wedding..
thank you.

Posted by: Anne (3341)  Report abuse
Oh to be in Bombay! the place for shoes. When I was living there any type of shoe/sandal could be made to fit a persons foot, male or female. I used to have shoes made with the same material my 'posh frocks' were made from, usually silk. One of my feet is slightly larger than the other which proved to be heaven when wearing high heels in the hot weather.

Posted by: tonker (19522)   Report abuse
Oxfords not Brogues!

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2786) Report abuse
Recently due to a family situation I have had dealings with the Cobblers in Hallgate in Wigan (definitely in Wigan Tonker) and I am very impressed with how a true Cobbler can look after your tootsies (feet) by making yoo a bespoke, high quality pair of shoo's

Posted by: momac (9150)  Report abuse
TTS,I have always gone there to have my shoes stretched (bunions) one
day a woman came in to pick up her bespoke shoes,he said to me " I won't tell you how much they've cost her ) ..I was dying to know?

Posted by: broady (13699)   Report abuse
Momac, How do leather shoes fit in with your no meat lifestyle?? Is it contradictory or not?

Posted by: Anne (3341)  Report abuse
momac.... I had a new zip put on one of my boots last winter. It was about four inches long and cost 15, heaven knows what a pair of shoes would cost. Have you thought about buying a shoe stretcher and leather cream to do your own shoes. I do one of mine every time I buy a new pair.

Posted by: momac (9150)  Report abuse
Broady..it don't need a genius to know that was why you asked me in the
first place..mind your own business!!! If you love arguing...I don't.

Posted by: momac (9150)  Report abuse
Anne,we have the shoe stretcher and the cream,my hubby does them for me,the cobbler in Hallgate used to put them on a last and they'd be fine,but
for some reason he doesn't do that any more.

Posted by: broady (13699)   Report abuse
Momac, It was actually enlightenment / education. Not too worry I have spent 30 minutes googling to get the background and the moral dilemma involved. That is my learning for today over.


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