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Wigan Council 'officially' one of the best
Started by: Tommy Two Stroke (1757) Report abuse
"Wigan Council has been shortlisted as one of the most efficient councils in the country in the leading awards for UK local government.

The council is shortlisted as a finalist in the efficiency category in the 2018 LGC Awards thanks to its work through The Deal Ė a ground-breaking informal contract between the council and its residents which has transformed services"


Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse
Last time I spoke to MrSledge he was doing some work for Shropshire council in Shrewsbury. He was in despair at the poor standards and the way things were managed.

Posted by: chris southworth (545) Report abuse
Well, there must be some bad councils around then, if Wigan are graded as one of the most efficient.

Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse
There are 418 councils in the UK Chris, which do you think is the best performing?

In fact......how would you even know?

Posted by: tomplum (4405)  Report abuse
If Wigan council ran a pub,That pub would have the soberist customers in the World, because they could't manage even that,

Posted by: PeterP (6107) Report abuse
Tom do you mean they could not run a p**s up in a brewery

Posted by: tomplum (4405)  Report abuse
or a 'bunk up' in a brothel,

Posted by: tonker (18999)   Report abuse
"Wigan Councilís entry focused on its successful work to reduce its budget by £160m since 2010".

In other words, "Wigan Councilís entry resulted from it's bending over backwards with whatever the conservative government demanded of it, without resistance".

Or - Wigan Council is a good local authority, on the conservative government's behalf. However, on the other hand, the labour councillors are not doing a good job of representing their electorate against the conservative's demands!

Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse
I will put this question out to `The Panel` in the vain hope of getting something that approaches a pertinent answer.

How and why will Wigan be a better place if Labour are not the majority party on Wigan council?

Will all the problems, issues, difficulties the borough as a whole faces on a daily basis suddenly disappear?
Will the demands from central government suddenly stop and their targets suddenly diminish?
Will there suddenly be an unlimited amount of money available for public spending?
Will the contentious issues relating to employment, traffic, housing/industrial development suddenly disappear?

Sensible answers only please......that means you Hossy

Posted by: nyce horse (3186) Report abuse
Permission to speak my lord?
Permission granted on this subject.

The most efficient council for the council, NOT THE RESIDENTS.
That last paragraph was a long one, which department on the efficient council wrote that for you.


Very efficient at:
Marus Bridge
Closing Shevington Community primary school
Three weekly bin collections
Financing queers parade
and on and on

Posted by: nyce horse (3186) Report abuse
I see one of Shevvy's "labour rose" councillors has resigned due to "pressure of work", he must have a cracking job when he can throw away £12.000 p.a. for putting his hand up once a month at smiffys gang show.

Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse
Well looks like I got an answer, not that it has any connection whatsoever with the questions I asked though. Just the usual same old stream of desperate and irrelevant slurs and insults.

Should I be surprised?........nah! But I am sure old Hossy is proud of his latest outburst.

Still, little steps lead to big things, as they say

Posted by: nyce horse (3186) Report abuse
Thanks for waiting up.


Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse

Posted by: jackdog (569) Report abuse
'The Deal'...?
Don't make me laugh.

Ten grand for a project to encourage boys and men to get fit through...ballet???

Pet PC projects only please, or it's 'No Deal'.

Posted by: ena1958 (6293) Report abuse
Such ill-informed comments on here. I work within several local authorities and trust me Wigan is by far, and I mean far, the best.

Unfortunately the Council have to implement the Government cuts and have no opportunity to resist, but don't let facts get in the way, just continue to denigrate as usual.

Posted by: upthetims (6399) Report abuse

So called Labour council and not one socialist among them Bent over backwards to accomodate this tory governments attacks on ordinary people and implemented cuts to everything except of course their own allowances and expenses claims which are excessive to the Nth degree Set of self serving greedy bastards

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (1757) Report abuse

Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse
You should know how it works in here now Ena. Councils are there to serve those individuals who think the world revolves around them and them alone, not the common good and the rest of the population. And if the council choose to do something or take a stance that the individual happens to disagree with that's it......the council become hopeless, incompetent, useless, bent, etc etc etc.

After reading the many self centred comments made in here that's the view many seem to have.

Posted by: detritus21 (359) Report abuse
As it stands with Wigan Council the problem is with the size of the majority rather than the majority itself. With a majority like the labour council have it doesn't matter how decisions are made that will affect the electorate as they will get voted back in regardless. With a closer majority that could be lost more consideration would have to be given to the policies that have a direct impact upon the electorate which would be good for the town. As it stands the labour council are able to bully the small minority of opposition councillors.

Slightly off topic

It is also clear if you have been to a council meeting that the influence the leader has is excessive and are as such the councillors are obliged to vote to the party line. If you step out of line expect to be dealt with like Paul Kenny was which isn't he purpose of democracy.

Posted by: nyce horse (3186) Report abuse
It amazes me that such an "efficient" organisation needs to resort to such excessive defence and hounding of any opposition, regardless of cost, at the sniff of any criticism.
How much have they ACTUALLY saved? my rates have gone up plus I've not seen any job losses at the council. I'd love to see whats been spent replacing the orange lollipops down Montrose Ave, they get replaced on a daily basis.



How much longer is the white front door going to be left stuck in the hedges at Woodhouse Lane? it gives such a lovely ambience to the area, I suppose the councillors and council officers who drive past it every day have much more important items to deal with.

Posted by: nyce horse (3186) Report abuse
Perhaps my mate councillor Chris can get it moved.

Posted by: nyce horse (3186) Report abuse
Election coming up in Shevvy.

Listen up residents:


Posted by: turbo (2076) Report abuse
Nyce Horse. That white door has been there for weeks. Not one of those lazy sh*ts in the transit pickups have had the initiative to pick it up.
Whilst on about these lazy sh*ts why does it take a driver AND a passenger to empty the plastic bags in the roadside bins, surely the driver could do this on his own saving many wasted wages

Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse
Responsibility for dumped rubbish is with the landowner, does this headgrow belong to the council?

BTW....sorry for not waiting up for you to get home from the pub last night Hoss but thanks for reinforcing my earlier comment

Posted by: Diston (96) Report abuse
I wonder if wigan metro mentioned the cock up at scholes flats when they put themselves forward for this award. they had scaffold twelve stories high new windows and replastered, scaffold comes down nine months later the plaster goes green,scaffold back up and redone again.Two questions, who was at fault, and who is paying, does anyone know or is it all being kept quite.

Posted by: PeterP (6107) Report abuse
Don't forget the new houses at Scholes which are being re-roofed and resealed due to water ingress. Who is paying for thatAlso still waiting for all the road resurfacing which has still not been done(signage up for "No parking" Mon/Tues) which Mon/TuesIt is things like this which stand out to joe public and make the council look foolish

Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse
Schools flats? Leaky roofs? Road repairs?

This is the way I see it.

If you pay someone to paint YOUR house and six months later the paint they used turns green is it YOUR fault? Or if you pay someone to repair YOUR roof and six more months later it starts leaking is it YOUR fault? If someone agrees to come round to repair YOUR driveway on Tuesday and on Monday they call you and say they cant make it is it YOUR fault.

Its obvious that some people want the council to appear foolish and will look for absolutely anything no matter how trivial it is and even when its due to situations beyond their control and if its not roofs and roads you will find something else to gripe about, like Hossy does.

I am just taking a fair sensible and unbiased view on it all and not just moaning for moanings sake. You should try it yourself sometime. It might do you some good

Posted by: PeterP (6107) Report abuse
Stardelta 99% of what the council does is probably excellent. It is the things what stick in peoples mind that turn them against the council. Sometimes there are factors outside of the councils control and their hands are tied but make them a target for ridicule.The list over the last few years is endless which have been commented on this site.Time and time again What does stand out are the things that have been debated on here but have never been resolved by the council so that's why people are very negative against the council on this site

Posted by: Diston (96) Report abuse
If the plastering had been done like it was supposed to be done on the specifications it would not have gone green,it clearly wasnt, the builder or sub contractor cut corners, so for me that comes down to incompitance on wigan metro building inspector who gets paid to stop this happening.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (1757) Report abuse

Posted by: priscus (6005) Report abuse
As in rendered unfit for purpose, no doubt!

Posted by: tonker (18999)   Report abuse
As for "who's going to pay for it"? Well, the contractor will, of course!

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (1757) Report abuse
Rendering as in you 'render' the outside of a building and 'plaster' the inside of a building

Posted by: priscus (6005) Report abuse
I was being sarcastic, but to continue, no! Applying plaster IS rendering: you can render inside.

But, yes, we often do not refer to the external as plastering, as UK too wet for 'normal' wall plasters to be used in that way.

Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse
But Diston......you haven't a clue what went on, who did what, who had responsibilities and obligations, why the materials failed, who carried out the inspections etc etc.

You would have to look at the contracts and agreements before even thinking about laying blame, have you?

Fact is you know zilch apart from rumour, self opnion and hearsay......but you still want to blame the council.

Its is somewhat amusing if you don't mind me saying.

Posted by: tonker (18999)   Report abuse
I've never, ever, met anybody as 'council-minded' as Wiganers (and faux Wiganers!). Borough mad they are!!
But, it's possible, nay, probable, that they are council dependent? and the council must occupy a large part of a Wiganer's life.

I must say, that Wigan council are very obsessive about themselves!
They are like children, writing their name all over the place, like graffiti. Lollipop ladies even have Wigan council written on their backs!

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (1757) Report abuse
Aye and some folk are obsessed with calling Wigan Council at every given opportunity

Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse
Yep.....and constantly moaning and bitching in here won't change a thing. All they are doing is portraying themselves as......well, work it out yourself.

Smiffy and Donna will be paying as much attention to what is said in here as Mourinho and Guardiola do to what FP and LG say in the sport forum.

Posted by: John59 (360)  Report abuse
StarDelts wrote:-

"If you pay someone to paint YOUR house and six months later the paint they used turns green is it YOUR fault? Or if you pay someone to repair YOUR roof and six more months later it starts leaking is it YOUR fault? If someone agrees to come round to repair YOUR driveway on Tuesday and on Monday they call you and say they cant make it is it YOUR fault."

Answers - YES YES YES YES ... if you're organizing all these works and paying with someone else's money !!!!

Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse
Same question to you, the cladding developed an issue several months down the line. Why is this the councils fault?

To me it seems the stuff was substandard or not suitable for the application. On that basis the responsibility lies with the manufacturer or the company that recommended and/or installed it.

Its an embarrassment for the council, and that's what you are jumping on but as to root cause......nah, someone else has to carry the can.

The reason the lid is being kept on it is probably down to the terms of the contract or some other legal reason .

Posted by: John59 (360)  Report abuse
you seem to have lost sight that a council has responsabilities to ensure work procured is done to the right standard (first time) and at a fair cost.
Note that's 'fair' and not 'minimum'. You get what you pay for is as true today as it was 2 weeks ago last thursday.
Wigan Metropolitan Borough Cock-ups consider nothing but the lowest price. Nowt else.
As for checking after work is done, well you can forget that in most instances too.

Posted by: Stardelta (5861) Report abuse
So....how could the council be reasonably expected to forsee these panels developing an issue almost a year later?

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (1757) Report abuse
That is true, you wouldn't know that faulty materials had been used.

But going back a few years ago when Rosgal were altering most of the main traffic light junctions in Wigan, I was stuck in a traffic jam coming down Scholes, this was being caused by something at the bottom of Scholes, but I was at a standstill in Scholes, with a perfect view of a Highways man from the council, checking the work recently completed by Rosgal at the junction of Scholes/Greenough St/Scholfield Lane, he was definitely from the council and he had a clip board, which he was scribbling away on and there were loose flags and railings and he was shaking his head and then he got hold off one of the railings to check if it was secured properly and he almost pulled the railings over and he had to push them back up and he didn't look happy at all and Rosgal turned up there later on in the day to work on the junction ...


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