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5 New Cycle Routes
Started by: jo anne (31763)   Report abuse
Drop-in session: Tue 18th July, 2-7pm, at Newtown Working Men's Club, Anson St, WN5 0TT. (BBC)

Plans will be on show so people can offer feedback before work begins later this year.

The routes will connect Wigan town centre with surrounding residential areas.

The routes will be added to parts of Robin Park Road, Warrington Road, the Wallgate/Queen Street junction, Saddle junction and Pemberton cycleway.

Cllr David Molyneux said: "The plans are still in their design stages so I'd encourage people, whether you're a keen cyclist or not, to have a look at the routes and tell us what you think."

Posted by: orrellite (2327) Report abuse
Has nothing been learned from the Ormskirk road fiasco.
The path is rarely used by cyclist and it's main use is to afford parking for the many businesses and their customers.
Routes lined on the carriageway have cars parked on them for the majority of the time thus preventing cyclists use.
If the plans are available to be seen and grant has been obtained then I would doubt that there will be any change irrespective of anyone's opinion.
It should not be beyond the guile of the planners to find and create routes away from major traffic routes even allowing for the limited crossing points of canal, river and railways.
I will still go and have a look and make my views known.

Posted by: jo anne (31763)   Report abuse
More information: Wigan Council News (10th July)

If you can't attend the event the plans will be online from 18th July with an option to post feedback.

Posted by: baker boy (13848) Report abuse
cycle paths eh,try some new road building first.how much tax on fuel,insurance and vehicle excise duty do cyclist's pay.dangerous sods who run red lights,cut across motorists,who if they object via the cars horn,usually get two fingers.
minorities rule ok.

Posted by: jo anne (31763)   Report abuse
* Drop-in session tomorrow - Tue 18 Jul - 2pm till 7pm at Newtown Working Menís Club *

View & comment online here: Cycling Improvements

Posted by: baker boy (13848) Report abuse
please feel free to ignore my posts,but is cycling the only way forward.

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
They are obsessed with them here also. Costing millions of dollars. The fact is that for more than six months of the year it is both too cold for any normal person to cycle and a lot of that time they are covered in snow. They purchase, at great cost, snow clearing equipment to clean them.

Posted by: section 8 (2875)  Report abuse
I welcome any cycling improvements, but cycle lanes on roads are pointless if cars can park in them.

Forcing a cyclist to move in and out of a cycle lane into traffic is actually increasing the risks.

More roads, more cars, more pollution. Is that really the way to go Baker Boy. It's time cycling was taken more seriously as a safe transport option.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2420) Report abuse


Don't the powers that bee, stop trying to mix/integrate/force together/put in same place/jam up against each other, vehicular traffic and cyclists because it's dangerous


What is all this shared space crap about, pedestrians and cyclists sharing same space, why not just say that cyclists can cycle on pavements, which brings me back to how I was taught about cycling, which was that it is dangerous to cycle on the pavement, because if cyclist collides with pedestrian, pedestrian gets injured so don't cycle on the pavement

It bloody crazy isn't it ....

And how often do you see cyclist cycling on road, cycle lane, shared space ?

Posted by: baker boy (13848) Report abuse
sectioned cycling should be taken more seriously,not if your in your sixties with a trick knee.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2420) Report abuse
Wots a trick knee

Posted by: baker boy (13848) Report abuse
a knee that cant pedal a bloody bike.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2420) Report abuse

Posted by: lectriclegs (3120) Report abuse
Is that like a cock knee, BB?

Posted by: section 8 (2875)  Report abuse
Even if you pedal on the pavement, you still need to traverse around cars.

Simply too many cars, so any pro cycling plans should be welcomed by cyclists and motorists. Unless you like sitting in traffic jams.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2420) Report abuse
section 8

I agree, but don't put cycle ways on same road as vehicles, cos it's dangerous for cyclists and it annoys motorists

Tink Bike

Posted by: baker boy (13848) Report abuse
leccy i had far different conortations re a cock knee.

Posted by: orrellite (2327) Report abuse
Just wait for the plans to be released of the changes at the Saddle Junction. It will be chaos with the work under way and also when complete.

Posted by: madamehmurray (6039)   Report abuse
Over by where my parents live they have a huge bike trail. The kids love to go on it to go to bear park. Not real bears, wooden ones and sand toys to play with


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