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Started by: laughing gravy (3324) Report abuse
But i always thought if you died in a foreign country the natural process was to have your body repatriated yet we have offered the family of one fire victim to come over here? i'm soryy but ths bloody country needs to start putting its own people first CUE STARDELTA OR ANOTHER DOGOODER..

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1298) Report abuse
Your callous I,ll settle for being a dogoodet

Posted by: Stardelta (6092) Report abuse
Humanity and compassion eh? Isn't that what the rest of the world admires about us?

Seems you dont even know the meaning of the words LG. I guess that's another difference between you and me

Posted by: tonker (19161)   Report abuse
Rules are rules. Send 'em back. The 'Racist' card doesn't come into it!

If 'I' ever get killed in a foreign country, they can send 'Me' back here too!

'I' belong here, so 'Here' should look after 'Me' if I need looking after.
If 'I' ever need anything in another country, 'Here' should pay them for it.

In life, Shit happens.

Posted by: gaffer (5957)   Report abuse
If you're not a resident in a foreign country your body or ashes is repatriated. If you've settled down as a resident in a foreign country then you're buried there unless you've specified otherwise in your will, or made your wishes known before you die.

Posted by: fireplace6899 (10742)  Report abuse
Another stupid thread from the forum DIPSTICK

Posted by: broady (13046)   Report abuse
Jarvo hasn't even posted a comment so you're wrong.

Posted by: basil brush (9360) Report abuse


Posted by: roylew (2630) Report abuse
It's a good debate this...take out the national grief and compassion...and it's a different story...where is the line in the sand.....

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
After reading Laughing gravy's comment after a great deal of thought i also have found the decision by our government absolutely scandalous , We all know only too well once over here to bury their loved one ,they will more than likely want a house or two ,then they will want some benefit money to live. I AM in totall agreement with L/G that we should have sent the gentleman home to be interred in his home land . THE state of things in this country are bad enough.

Only at the week-end there was a case of an asylum seeker charged with mowing down an old lady in his car. Now i want to is how does an asylum seeker own a 28,000 BMW???he has been sentenced but it was a punitive one considering the damage he has done. My view for our P.M.is FOR GOD'S SAKE MAY STAND UP FOR THE BRITISH PEOPLE ..

Posted by: spiderwoman (856) Report abuse
I think under these dreadful circumstances, it should be up to the family of the deceased to decide whether the body is repatriated or not. I don't think it's a case of dogooding or nationality more of basic humanity to fellow human beings.

Posted by: chatty (5810)  Report abuse
Apparently he was a refugee who feared for his safety back home so don't know what sort of welcome he would get if repatriated, also his parents had applied for an emergency visa so they could attend the funeral AND visit their surviving son in hospital.

Posted by: stacker lee (280) Report abuse
Golden Bear, read Spiderwoman's post. Especially the bit about basic humanity!!

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2237) Report abuse

You are callous.

Posted by: aussie94 (1636) Report abuse

Posted by: wigantaff (47)  Report abuse
How many of them will claim asylum because of assad

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Stackerlee: READ it still stand by what i stated and will continue to do so.


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