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Knighthood for Billy Connolly
Started by: i-spy (13502)  Report abuse
I bet he's having a laugh at that

Posted by: britboy (6752) Report abuse
Arise, Sir Big Yin

Posted by: jathbee (8984) Report abuse
Mr. Brown, will be very pleased 😂

Posted by: graneyjoseph (4602)   Report abuse
well done Sir Billy and Lady Pam.

Posted by: berylh (1617) Report abuse
Well done Sir Billy - I love this guy, so funny and a very clever man.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
I think billy connolly is a fantastic comedian,but i will not apologise for my views all this clap trap rubbish of KNIGHTS/DAMES/MEDALS ETC .IF anything is a complete load of rubbish then this archaic out dated system is.
Do people not know " we don't" have an empire and not had one for a very long time. " order of this and member of that garbage along with the royalty it has had it;s time and should be dun away with.
Finally about our dear B.C there is another example of hypocracy he has slagged of England many,many times but now is eager to accept one of these silly gongs.....or as Ricky Thompson says " it's all my ****.

Posted by: lectriclegs (3115) Report abuse
Who's Ricky Thompson?

Posted by: broady (13237)   Report abuse
Could be related to the guy that was fed and watered by Her Majesty's prison service back in the 70's.

Posted by: madamehmurray (6036)   Report abuse
He is or was a very good actor.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2411) Report abuse
Golden Bear

I don't think Billy Connolly has 'slagged off' England, if he has done so, it as been in the context of humour and good natured rivalry and banter, he married crackpot Pamela Stephenson and you cannot get much more English than she is ...

Golden Bear

You should realise that our Monarchy brings a lot of wealth and prestige to our nation and our 'nation' incloodes Scotland ...

Golden Bear

Yoo should be 'proud' of our nation and that be whether you are Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish or dare I say it English, because it might be hard to comprehend, that whether Wigan be a rough, cack hole, in the former Northern Coal fields, Wigan is in England and Wiganers are English and as such are part of Britain.

So be "PROUD" Golden Bear

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
I apologise most profusely for my slight mistake ,
any one with an imagination would have guessed that i should have spelt his surname as TOMLINSON is that ok now

Posted by: momac (8760)  Report abuse
tts..I think you'll find that Pamela Stephenson is a New Zealander although
a resident in England.

Posted by: basil brush (9760) Report abuse
not keen on anybody who swears, and comes out with nasty comments,

Posted by: alan lad (432) Report abuse
That mon Connolly showed his true self during the kidnapping of Me Ken Bigley when he said they should get on with it (the killing )

Posted by: priscus (6036) Report abuse
Pam says he has already got one, but refuses to wear it!

Posted by: basil brush (9760) Report abuse
totally agree Alan.

Also why should someone, who only been a singer for a few years, get a knighthood.

Posted by: aussie94 (1648) Report abuse
Good on Billy a real working class hero , but he should have told the Queen where to shove it

Posted by: upthetims (6449) Report abuse

In total agreement,a Celtic fan accepting awards off a bunch of Huns


Posted by: priscus (6036) Report abuse
He could have done a John Prescott, (in respect of his peerage) and appeared ont telly to tell the world that he was not accepting it, and then go on to receive it contrary to what he had said.

Posted by: broady (13237)   Report abuse
But he had a perfectly valid reason. He stated he thought it was " easier to fight against the House of Lords from the inside" rather than looking in. I suppose the 300 a day plus perks helped the fight as well.

Posted by: priscus (6036) Report abuse
How does that explain him stating on TV that he was NOT accepting it?

"Having your cake and eating it", springs to mind.


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