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Are you
Started by: jathbee (9179) Report abuse
Lucky. I won some goodies in a raffle last night. I have never really been very lucky in raffles or the lottery or anything of that nature. Still I have been lucky in life, so you can't have everthing.

Posted by: nanajacqui (1754)  Report abuse
Well done jathbee,yes we consider ourselves very lucky indeed,my hubby retired from Heinz and received a large payout & a large pension paid monthly,the week after he finished work he got a surprise phone call who said You Jammy Monkey you've won 1000 in the draw.Then we won 94 lottery (we don't do lottery now)We pay 12 a year to Parish Church & have won 30 three times....so lucky we are

Posted by: momac (9397)  Report abuse
Good for you Jathbee..I'm chuffed for you.

Posted by: momac (9397)  Report abuse
N J..you jammy beggar.

Posted by: nanajacqui (1754)  Report abuse
Haha momac do you want a loan

Posted by: momac (9397)  Report abuse
I'm coming round.

Posted by: britboy (6767) Report abuse
I'll get the next flight!

Posted by: nanajacqui (1754)  Report abuse
I'll pay britboy,I've got kettle on momac

Posted by: jathbee (9179) Report abuse
I suppose I can't really complain about not winning much on the lottery, we rarely buy a ticket

Posted by: 1934granadascruggs (1258)  Report abuse
I've just got a rise from my HJ Heinz pension.
I think I deserve it. 20 odd years on that graveyard shift.

It put 30 years on me

Posted by: ayrefield (4465) Report abuse
I did three months of seasonal work at Heinz in the early 1970s, I was on the sealers and was glad when I finished, those boxes of whatever coming down a never ending conveyer belt and twisting and turning throwing the boxes into a stack - talk about repetitive - any longer doing that and I'd have gone loopy.

Posted by: 1934granadascruggs (1258)  Report abuse
I was in that long queue for a job. December 1981.
I'd just lost my job in the building trade. I was about to get married, I needed some cash.

I got the job for a six month trial period. I was lucky, many didn't get the chance. They kept a lot of us on and made us full time with all the benefits etc..

I was on double money compared with my last job!
You could not join the pension scheme if you where a temp. However, once you were made full time. You were in on it

Posted by: 1934granadascruggs (1258)  Report abuse
Any more Heinz pensioners on here? It would be nice to catch up
I worked night shift

Posted by: cordyline (4705)   Report abuse
My mate's dad Roland Smith was on security there for years

Nice bloke he was too !

Posted by: broady (13942)   Report abuse
My boozing partner from Abram Joe Lundy worked there. Not sure if he was on directly though.

Posted by: tomplum (4891)  Report abuse
Luck ? I was born to think like a donkey and hung like Einstein,

Posted by: tomplum (4891)  Report abuse
but I remember that que well Granada, they put an ad in the repoter, I went up there and the queue was all across the front of the factory and round the corner, I thought, " I've no chance here" so went wom, work was tight all round then ( thatcher years) bitch, back to phoning round for plumbing work,

Posted by: jathbee (9179) Report abuse
I remember those years well, Tomplum.

Husband on strike for twelve months, Thatcher stopped their benefits, apart from dependants. Absolutely skint, in debt with mortgage utility bills etc.

We paid the entire lot off eventually. He was eventually made redundant from the coal industry and spent the rest of his working life in various other jobs until his retirement.

His retirement brought a good lump sum and a good pension too, so we enjoy a comfortable life in our latter years.

We have also been blessed with a great grandson and we have also been made a great Aunty and Uncle, both born this year.
So we do consider ourselves very lucky to have lived long enough to see those two born.

Posted by: jathbee (9179) Report abuse
We have not yet seen our greatgrandson in the flesh yet, only videos and photos but we will see him at Christmas, as they are coming for a visit from Australia. We will however see our great nephew very soon. Looking forward to seeing both boys. 👍🏼

Posted by: jarvo (28747)  Report abuse
I was in that queue.

My wife was working there and told me to get down early. It was December, 1981, and I'd just got made redundant from Triangle Valve. When I arrived, at about 0.730hrs, the queue stretched from the main entrance to around the corner. After several hours waiting in the cold, they came out with a desk and a register; one by one, the remaining men signed it and left.

Two weeks after Christmas I saw a job in the jobcentre; it was Friday morning and the snow was thick on the ground. It was for a skilled Inspector. After a few phone calls, I was asked to attend an interview at Garrett Airesearch in Skem on the following Monday at 2pm. At 4pm on Monday 11th January 1982, I was offered the job by company director Bill Evans. The rest as they say, is history.

Two weeks after starting my new position, I received a letter from H.J. Heinz offering me an interview and a position within their Kitt Green facility: I binned it.

I never looked back, and had the best days of my working life working with some great scousers in Skem.

Funny owd life, in it?

Posted by: kathpressey (4762)  Report abuse
i won a gift voucher on the Wigan Warriors lotto but I'm 300 miles away from the shop


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